About Me

Hola Chicas! :) Time for me to tell you a little bit about myself!

My name is Isabella, I live in the USA and I aspire to become a famous actress.
I blog simply because I love fashion and everything about it, and I want to show young girls like me how to dress to impress and that it's ok to dress different than every other girl at their school.
Of course fashion isn't my only passion.. I love love love to act and sing and dance! I have been dancing since I was 4 years old and contemporary/ballet have become my favorite styles by far. I also love making crafts, Lady Gaga, and traveling...
I love traveling to Mexico, it's my favorite place to go in the whole world (at least so far... I haven't been to Paris yet!) It's so beautiful and fun, and I love to visit my family! Oh yes, by the way... I'm Hispanic :)
My friends and family are a HUGE part of my life because they help me and support me through everything. Especially my Mother who takes all my pictures and gave me my fashion sense! :)

Bijoux et Bisoux

Means, "Jewels and Kisses." The masculine form of "kiss" was used because I thought it looked cuter with "bijoux" instead of "Bijoux et Bisous." The name is in French as well because j'aime the French language and anything French!

I hope you will all follow me and get many tips on how to rethink your outfits.. it will be an adventure for both you and I!


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