Monday, June 25, 2012

Late for Tea!


Urban Outfitters White Lace Dress
Black Hair Ribbon
Antique Tea Cup & Saucer

"You're late for tea!" My all time favorite Disney film has to be Alice in Wonderland! I love Alice and everything about Wonderland, so I based my look off of Alice! I tried to be more antique with her look by using the lace dress which I absolutely love because of it being antique looking. I used a really cute cat eyeliner look also to add more to the effect of Alice. I also got creative with Spencer's birthday cake and made him the Cheshire Cat which took me all morning to perfect! Talk about the most amazing birthday cake ever? 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


H&M white "hi lo" top
H&M Striped Maxi (rolled up to make a short pencil skirt)
Marni Red Wedges
Straw Fedora

Red, red, and more red today! This outfit was created in a mix of dancing to Lady Gaga and not really knowing what I was putting on. But oh how I love it! This is by far one of my favorite outfits of the year. And I've finally found out how to use my Fedora from Cuba! This was a really fun summer look to me, I was inspired by the skirt which I haven't worn in FOREVER, the last and only time I wore it was in a post way back when I created the blog called "Just Do It (H&M)." Red is an occurring color in my summer wardrobe because it feels fun and fresh to me, and it is also a very energizing color which is great for summer activities! And who could forget the red lipstick? :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fashion Show

(Indian Outfit)

(with the designer of the outfit!)

(With my friend Carly who is wearing Deana's Creation "Avatar")

(Makeup and Hair Created by Camille)

A while ago I was asked by my two extremely talented, artistic friends Camille and Deana to be their model for the school's crafts club fashion show... of course I agreed! They created the BEST outfit of all the other contestants. I'm not just saying that because they are my friends, they literally had created the most original outfits of the whole show! It was a very fun night for us!

*These outfits were created by Camille Mathis and Diana Torres

Friday, June 15, 2012

Coco Chanel


Asos Black Skater Dress
 H&M White Pump Wedges
Costume Pearl necklace/ring

Blumarine Blouse
 Vintage Givenchy Earrings
H&M Sunglasses
H&M Black Patent Leather Shorts
Ashish for Underground Creepers

Urban Outfitters Lace Dress
Fake Chanel Shoulder Handbag (shh!)
Forever 21 Flower Clip
Miss. Grant Ballet Flats

I know... you guys have probably been wondering why I haven't been on here for EVER! There's always a period of time where I have to leave my blog because of how hectic my life gets at the end of the year.. I balance AP European History, Honors English and Theatre leaving me with late nights and no time for anything else. Of course I will make everything up to you all because I have a collection of outfits to share with you! My first way to kick off the summer was hanging out with my best friends Natalie and Audrey. Whenever we're over at my house it's dress up time! :) So we went kind of crazy trying on billions of different outfits and ended up becoming little Coco Chanel girls.