Friday, January 27, 2012


Forever 21 Dress
H&M Crop Faux Leather Jacket
My Own Hat
Purse given as a Gift

I LOVE THIS DRESS. I can't even explain how much I do! I had seen the dress in a Urban Outfitters catalogue and fell in deep love with it... literally. I finally got it for Christmas though! I love that it's sheer on the bottom because it adds a different kind of effect to it than if it were just plain black. I paired it with  regular white sneakers because I made it look more casual for school and such. Again I used this infamous hat :) Grandmas are just the best! And I got this cute little bag from my friend for X-Mas as well! I added it to the look since it was a lighter color, and it contrasted really well with the black jacket and skirt. I feel like leather can literally go with anything, you can add it to any outfit and complete it... except maybe with leather pants.

Sunday, January 8, 2012



It's been a long year filled with so much fashion and clothes! And all of you wonderful amazing fans out there who make it all possible!! I really want to do a special fan post... starring all of you! Send me a picture of you with a sign saying "Happy Anniversary La Blue Girl!" or something like that, that I will make into a video post for the blog! I love you all sooo much! send me pics at:

my year through the eye of the camera:

 Best Friends!! <3
 The Importance of Being Earnest
 New Things!
 Quinceanera Dress Shopping
 Special Thanks to Spencer; for coaching me during photo shoots. :)
 DIOR NOT WAR! (When you mix 3 best friends and tie-dye)
Bye Bye Birdie! (Bye Bye 2011!)

Saturday, January 7, 2012


My own hat
H&M blouse
Zara Tank Top
H&M leather shorts
Ashish for Underground Creepers

Thank you for the hat nana! Can you believe she made this for me?! Fashion runs deep through our family it seems! I can't explain how much I love it! It's made with alpaca wool, and it keeps me warmer than 3 sweaters ever could! S'wonderful! S'Marvelous! (My little brother even wants one of his own!) So how creepy are my creepers? ;) They are one of the most comfortable shoes I own! They are made in London and even smell foreign! (in a good way) I had told my mom that I wanted a pair of black shoes, (but not just any black shoes!) and hinted at the creepers for a while! The impression of most people when they first see the shoes is punkers. But I disagree. It all depends on how you wear them; if you wear them with studded leather jackets and scary rock and roll shirts... that might be a whole different style there! (BTW...I love that they are studded!) They can actually be more "Chanel" than "Hot Topic."

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hello lovelies! I was recently given advice from a friend to add myself onto Tumblr! So for all you followers out there who have Tumblr's... you can now find and add me on there! I'm just starting out on there so please be patient with me haha! I'll still be posting on this blog as much as on the new Tumblr one. Thank you loves!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Make-Up Tutorial!

As I promised you, I made a make-up tutorial that will show you how to achieve the "Louis Vuitton" fashion show inspired make-up. This is my first ever make-up tutorial... ever. I hope that you guys will like it, and tell me what you think because I have never done anything like that before!