Tuesday, December 27, 2011


    Flower Clip Forever 21

    It's safe to say that I'm pretty obsessed with this flower hair clip I got in my stocking Christmas
    morning! It's GINORMOUS! It's crazy how huge it is! And I LOVE it! I couldn't wait to show you
    guys in a more "formal" post, so I snapped a couple on my Web Cam to give you a sneak peek! It just
    goes to show that big accessories are just funner :) and they are actually really coming into fashion
    this season! I hope you lovelies had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year!

Friday, December 23, 2011


H&M white blouse
Juicy Couture grey sweater
Joe's Jeans black pants
My own christmas pin

Joy to the world! It finally almost Christmas! And I just got out of school this week. Kind of crazy right? Anyways, It was ugly christmas sweater day at our school today, being the last day before brake... and sadly, I don't really have any ugly sweaters! So I decided to take a chic approach to the spirit day. I had on the white blouse and wanted to spice it up a bit, so i added the sweater over and rolled up both the sleeves, then let one side hang off my shoulder. I was going to add silver stud earrings but since it's the holidays, the broach seemed better! For shoes I wore a pair of black combats and folded all the edges down. This is a comfy holiday look you could wear, ice skating, or just to hang out with your friends! :) Merry Christmas lovelies! I love you all! <3

Friday, December 9, 2011


Bershka Cheetah Print Dress
Simonetta Faux Fur Coat
Chanel Sunglasses
American Apparel Tube Socks
D.A.T.E Suede Boots

This is a very classic look. I love how cheetah print looks with earthy tones like the brown jacket, and the pale socks. I also love how it's wild, but tamed as well with the simple accessories. I'm not a big fan of fur anything honestly, but with this look it just seemed to work. If you don't want to use a fur coat, I would use not a black leather coat, but a brown one. Black would be too overwhelming and take over the dress, it's too harsh for the look we're trying to achieve. A nice dark brown color would work well. I added the sunglasses at the end because I feel like I needed a bit of spark... something that could lift it up a bit. They also happened to be on my moms head so I though why not? :) I have to mention how much I love the D.A.T.E boots, because they literally go with EVERYTHING. The design is perfect because it's simple and basic, so it doesn't take away from what you're wearing, plus it has a suede fabric so extra bonus. I chose a red eye shadow to add around my eyes for make-up, which explains the red background (which I chose to accentuate it). Since most of the colors are earthy, I spiced it up with a light red tone, (which really accentuates green eyes, for those girl who have green eyes like moi). 

I felt like a cheetah wearing it's pray.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Dress Forever 21
Headband Juicy Couture
Heels Capa De Ozono
Ring Tous
Nail Polish Chanel 

It's COLD! But that's no excuse to not wear a dress! It's finally winter. The biggest season in the fashion industry! Marc Jacobs shoes (my favorite), Prada coats, Chanel handbags... all the new! This look is more of a fancy look for a Christmas or New Year's party, but you can easily pull it off for school or a rendezvous with your girl friends by pairing it with flats or shoes like the ones you can see in the post "Boyfriend Jeans" which is how I wore it today for school! I love the contrast of the headband sparkles with the collar sparkles of the dress. It's so classy and chic! My friend Natalie told me today that it was very old fashioned looking. I agree, it's a classic look, but it's more vintage-y. My favorite part would have to be the sleeves! I love the sheer touch to the full fabric dress. It makes it so much softer than if it was all completely solid. I paired the dress with red lips, but for a casual look you can use a nude gloss. I honestly love this look so much! I know.. how modest of me... but I really like how everything is paired together! It's my ideal outfit. If we were all cartoon characters who wore the same clothes everyday, I would want this to be mine. :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hair and Makeup: Victorias Secret/Louis Vuitton Inspired

I totally felt like a Victorias Secret model yesterday haha! My hair was styled pretty unusually. I usually don't let my hair go completely natural. (If you look back at my first post "How To Shop" you'll see how my hair usually gets when it's natural.)What I did was let my hair air dry almost completely, but there were still some damp strands of hair here and there. I really wanted to go to sleep so I decided to use the blow drier to finish it up. I decided to use the diffuser piece to the blow drier to make it go faster. After it was pretty much dry, I put it into a loose-ish bun on the top of my head and went to sleep. In the morning it turned out like that ^ I was pretty excited because it looked like the models hair!

For the make-up I got inspired by Louis Vuitton (thank you to Sea Of Shoes!). I saw this post on Sea Of Shoes called "Pretty Princesses" with the Louis Vuitton Spring fashion show hair and makeup look. I fell in love! It is so natural looking and fresh. They really do look like princesses! 

I thought it was a good mix of inspiration for the look. It's a sexy hair look but then a soft makeup which tones it down and you have an even balance of styles. 

To achieve this look I used:
Clinique Redness Solutions (applied on red spots after washing face)
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer OIL FREE (applied after redness solutions)
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer (applied on blemishes after moisturizer)
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural (a setting powder applied only where concealer is)
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector (applied on temples, cupids bow, and bridge of nose) 

Mace Eyeshadow in "Bisque" (applied on upper eyelid and a little on the bottom waterline)
Mac Eye Liner in "Ebony" (thick line on upper eyelid above waterline into a cat flick, little dots along the bottom of bottom waterline)
Lash Blast Mascara Waterproof (Lot's and Lot's of coats and coats of mascara on the top lashes; mostly towards the outside lashes. Then apply quite a bit to bottom lashes.)
*I don't recommend waterproof mascara for everyday use, I would use it for special occasions only*

***I will make a video on how to do this correctly soon!***

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ladies, Lights and Lingerie!

So as you all know, the Victoria's Secret fashion show was just two days ago! I really had to vent about how amazing it was on here. But don't take this as style advice, I'm not giving any fashion advice saying to go around in a bejeweled bra and panties with some wings out on the town.

The "Under Water Angels" collection was dazzling. It was my favorite of all of the collections! I love   the sparkles and the flowy wings, and just everything about the costumes was amazing! I also loved that they got Maroon 5 to sing "Moves Like Jagger" because it fit in so well with the walk and the theme. What I like best about the Victoria's Secret models is that they have personality. Most fashion shows you see have models with no expression who just walk in a straight line. Here the girls play with the costumes and smile and wave at the audience which makes the show come alive! Try to imagine this same show without the emotions... weird huh? It's like a trademark to be fun and flirty on the walk. Oh and by the way, that is Karly Kloss on the runway!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

XV Quinceañera!

Well I have been a very busy busy bee! I cannot explain how sorry I am for not posting in FOREVER! Sophomore year has been pretty crazy. AP European History, Honors English, Chemistry... you get the idea. Anyways, please please be looking frequently as I will now be posting all my new looks for winter! (now that I found the time to!) I decided to start back off with a bang and show you a couple of photos from my Quinceañera! Ya it was this past summer, but I thought you guys might like to see them. I didn't have a full blown XV party with "Damas" and Disco Balls and Limos, but I still had a lot of fun celebrating with my friends and family. I actually rented the dress to take the pictures. Even though I didn't get my own dress to have a fancy party with, I still wanted to have the memory of taking pictures with the traditional Princess gown. The theme was Cinderella! :)

 This is how the decorated for me :)
 This was the dress I wore to celebrate! :)
My poor cousins car was attacked with glitter from the dress!

Dress: Rapsodia 
Heels: Capa De Ozono
Flower: Wedding Boutique