Wednesday, September 26, 2012


<3 Met a Fan!! <3


Zara Dress
Prada Chandelier Heels
My own headband

My classy look for you all! What better color of peach can there be for a dress like this? I am a huge fan of these dresses, and I would definitely recommend this outfit for a special dinner or party! One of the most important things about these dresses, is that you can't over accessorize them. The dress is the main attraction, and a simple bracelet or a ring or headband like I have are perfect! And lets not forget an amazing pair of heels! The heels sparkle like no other! They are just simply incredible, there isn't another word to describe them. (Aaand.. they also happen to be my mothers so this is about the only time she would ever let me touch them). I love that they are so fragile and soft looking and give such a feminine touch to any Cinderella look like this! <3 That's it exactly! they are Cinderella heels and every girl must have her pair of Cinderella heels to wear to make an unforgettable entrance, and make just an unforgettable departure.

I also got to meet a little fan!! She came outside while we were taking pictures and loved my outfit! She looked so adorable I couldn't resist not taking a photo with her, so here is my cutest fan ever! :) And to all of my followers/viewers, you guys are truly amazing and I am so thankful for your support and viewings! To everyone in France, Switzerland, Australia, New Zeland (im not kidding guys! you are from all over the place!<3) etc, you guys help inspire my blog every day! 

Stay Classy xx

Friday, September 21, 2012

Shabby & Shabby

Mika Dress
Mika Shoes
My Own Purse

Cutest cafe in the world? Check! Shabby & Shabby is without a doubt the most charming and enchanting cafe there could ever be. It is partially outdoors and half indoors, with Chandeliers hanging everywhere! Just to my luck, it was raining outside which is by far the perfect weather to sip tea in.[ I was rather sad when we took these photos... it was our last day in Guadalajara :( ] I was very lucky to have found this dress! I actually only grabbed it to try on with a pair of shoes since I was wearing long pants and it turned out to be a very cute little dress! The color is a rusty red/brown and is perfect for a day at a little cafe. 

The purple shoes were perfect for this season!... since purple is a huge trending color for fall! Purple, Purple, Purple girls, you can never have to much purple this fall! I already have my purple skirt... oops! I better not spoil that surprise for you until the "Purple" post comes up!! 

Stay Classy, xx

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


H&M Tuxedo Shirt
Forever 21 Lace Flare Jeans
Marni Heels
My own hat

Whats black and white and red all over? Me wearing this outfit a getting sparkles all over the place :) 
I personally am more for tea than coffee, but when we ever visit Cafe Barra Cafe, coffee is a must. Especially with the little biscuits they give you to eat while you chat! How amazing are these Marni shoes by the way? My mom had them in her closet for ages and found them while we were rummaging through our old clothes! This Cafe is one of my absolute favorites, and if any of you ever drop by for a visit in Guadalajara, I most definitely recommend visiting this cafe!

I'm sure lace flare jeans aren't something you see everyday... and heres my tip to you; get a pair of dazzling jeans. Wether they are floral print, lace, neon or studded, it's an absolute must for this coming season. The best thing about dazzling jeans (well maybe the second best thing because first of all, they are adorable!) is that you can really pair them with anything. And when you are in a hurry (as I was this morning) They are very simple and easy to pair with a plain white shirt and an accessory, and get you out the door in a second! Prints, Prints, Prints!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Black & White

Forever 21 Dress
Stella McCartney Crop Top
Miss Grant Sandals
My own earrings

Yet another look with the sheer dress! This time, I folded the top of the dress to make it look like a skirt. This look is a bit more fancy and would be appropriate to wear for a dance perhaps or a dinner, and depending on what accessories or hairstyle/make-up you would like to use, it creates an exceptional look for a dinner or girls night out perhaps? I used plain silver sphere earrings for a subtle accessory look, since the top already had plenty of sparkle and pizzaz! I hope all of you have a fabulous day! <3

Friday, September 14, 2012


Forever 21 Dress
Costume National Sheer Crop Top
 Denisse Boutique Necklace
Bracelets from Mexico

Black & Black, in the rustic look. Of course there is the everlasting Chanel Black on Black look, but I decided to take the ever classic color pair and create a rustic look, by adding classic beaded bracelets, and simple necklace. A subtle yet striking makeup look (smokey eye) completed the look along with a natural hair wave, turning this look from formal to casual which I plan on wearing again soon! The sheer top and the sheer skirt created a perfect balance of fabrics for the look. A full fabric skirt or top would make this look more formal, and harder to "casualize" for things like school. My personal advice to you all is to have some type of sheer skirt (skirt especially because they are very popular!) because they are great for a simple casual look (a white tee with the skirt) or a classier look (black top with skirt and pearls perhaps? Oh! And finish it off with a swipe of red lipstick!) 

This is Agave from Tequila, Mexico. We traveled long and far to visit and take pictures! And boy was it hot! The Agave has been growing for 10 years and is now ready to be used for products such as Tequila. Thank you to the Agave farmer who allowed us to take pictures!! :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Man let me hold the entire stick!


Reverse Dress
Zara Heels

I've been waiting to post this for the longest time, and it's finally time to show you! I cannot explain how much I love everything, the heels, the dress, the hair, and even the location! I found a way to reuse last years prom dress efficiently. Have I mentioned how important it is to have some neon in your wardrobe? It doesn't have to be a shirt or pants, but shoes or a necklace or even sweaters with neon lining are absolutely wonderful. They're great for those gloomy winter days that could use a little color. Make some sparks with a neon touch! My hair is (is because I still use it like this) inspired by Madame De Rosa because obviously, her hair is absolutely gorgeous just like her. Can I tell you how excited I am that Lady Gaga released her US tour dates?! I'm freaking out, not missing the "Born This Way Ball" for anything!! 

*Spoiler Alert* 
I hope you all like Charlie Chaplin... he's coming to my blog for a visit :)