Sunday, February 27, 2011

SF adventure! part 2....

    Shopping! You can't miss out on shopping in San Fran! We went to Barney's, H&M, All Saints,
    Desigual, and lot's of little boutiques! First we went to Union Square and found the most amazing
    store! ALL SAINTS. The clothes were absolutely cute in so many ways, they had the prettiest dresses
    there and you couldn't help not to try things on! Then we went vintage shopping. In the first picture,
    I was at the vintage store "Torso." They had the coolest clothes! (That was my favorite vintage shop
    that we went to.) After, we went to Haight Street to look at more vintage shops like "La Rosa" and
   "Decades of Fashion" which had the funniest things! It was like walking into a big costume closet!
    This was my first time vintage shopping, and I'm really glad I tried it out! It was a very fun


Friday, February 25, 2011

SF adventure! part 1...

Bag (Sfera), Jeans GAP, Scarf H&M, Coat Juicy Couture, Vintage Belt, Jean Vest Bershka

Our first stop was NARACAMICIE. It's an Italian blouse shop! It's a really small little shop, but I found amazing tops there. Then we stopped at china town and played around with a few little trinkets! We actually walked through all of China town without even realizing it, and ended up in Fisherman's Wharf.
When we got back, we were starving. We stopped at the first restaurant we saw... "Loris diner!" Don't those milkshakes look delicious? That was the best milkshake I have ever had, but I couldn't finish it all because it was HUGE! Then we spent the rest of the day at Union Square at millions of stores, and came back to our hotel and massaged our aching feet!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Heart Nerds!

    XXI Forever "Nerd" shirt, JC de CASTELBAJAC + Smiley top, Limited Too headband (worn as
    scarf),  Oillily doggie clip from when I was little.

   Just a little outfit thats good for going out to the city and strolling along. I was listening to Lady
   Gaga in my room ( I love Lady Gaga!) and I sort of just pulled the dress out because it reminds me of
   her outfits, original and fun! Then I added a few pieces here and there and... voila! I really love the
   doggie clip because it's so unique (When do you ever see someone with a wiener dog clip in their
   hair?), and it just adds fun to the look!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh how I miss N.Y.C...

I have been feeling homesick for a while... from N.Y.C! After we left, I felt like I was leaving my home! New York City is one of the easiest cities to get accustomed to, I don't know why... but it is! So I thought I would put some photos from my NY trip this past summer... voila!

    The first picture was of course tooken at MACY'S!! The biggest store in the world! (9 stories!!). That
    was the most amazing Macy's I have ever been to! They had great brands! Like, Pepe Jeans,
    American Rag, Guess, and many other things like that! We got to go through all of 5th avenue, and I
    could not miss going to Waverly Place! We got to see the Bergdorf Goodman  displays and we went
    to the "IMAGINE" memorial at strawberry fields! I wish I could put all 700 photos on here!
    I LOVE NY!!!

  Wearing: Abercrombie & Fitch top, Viktor & Rolf skirt, Top Shop necklace, H&M ballet flats

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Style Countdown No. 4

4) Turbans!

 Say "Bye Bye Beanie" and HELLO TURBAN! The turban is the new haute look! Whether it's emerald green, ruby red, or grey, a turban is a go for with any look! My personal favorite is a Jennifer Behr emerald green turban.
Jennifer Behr emerald green turban $152

I absolutely love this colour! It is so rich and classy, and can easily fit in with any outfit (please
 don't wear it with yellow..) I guess Audrey Hepburn's "Breakfast at Tiffany's" look is coming back to mode...
I know this is a towel on her head.. but it really reminds me of a turban! 

(photo of turban from TEEN VOGUE)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Marc Jacobs, meet GAP

Marc Jacobs sweater (vintage style), GAP jeans, ASH shoes, Boutique watch

This outfit is a nice casual look, (by the way.. never jump in high heels..ouch!). It's very stylish, but for those days when I'm not doing much and just hanging out with my friends, this is my usual attire! I 
love the pants because they are sooo comfy! and the sweater is so warm and soft! GAP has started a new style of flair jeans which I really love! They are so chic to wear with anything and they are the new rage! The Marc Jacobs sweater came in the mail a couple days ago and I was so happy! I put it on right away! And to make things even better... the ASH shoes came right after! 

Spring style No. 3

3) White Jeans and Flare Jeans!

Say good by to your second skins, and clean up your act in some loose and pretty flare jeans! Personally.. I cant stand skinny jeans. IM OVER IT. Sometimes when a trend just doesn't satisfy... I sit it out and wait till next season. Luckily, now I'm free to bring in the flair!

GAP 1969

I have fallen in love with these jeans! The are extremely soft and comfy and look super chic! I have never had a more comfy and stylish jeans ever! I was so impressed with the cut and how they fit. Especially since they were from the GAP! I've noticed that GAP is coming out with a more sophisticated and stylish line.. apparently is called "The New." I am really starting to love it! One things for sure though, these really are a fashion brake through!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mint Green Bird

                               H&M Shoes, Skirt, Tank & Crop Jacket. DSquared Necklace.

  Despite the fact that I almost got pneumonia from the freezing cold wind, the pictures came out
  fantastically! This look is perfect for going out shopping with friends, or going to a cafĂ©,
  a first date, or even to go listen to the orchestra! It can be either casual or dressy depending on
  where it is i'm going. It's a very comfy look that has a fashion flair to it. I really like the
  combination of the minty green color with the striped pattern, it's a young and cute look thats still
  grown up and mature for us teens!

Spring Style countdown No. 2

2) Big Totes!

With a big tote, anything is possible! Ok not really, but any fashion statement is possible! Rock this spring season in an oversized bag with bright colors! My personal favorites right now are Fendi Selleria's new totes! They are just perfect, and I really just LOVE them!

                                                              Fendi Selleria Tote
   Teen Vouge has always given me a lot of inspiration on style! Thank you Teen Vogue!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Spring Style Countdown

Heres what you'll need to conquer the spring season!

1) Patterns!
Cool prints and shapes like Zac Posen's "ZSpoke" collection are a great addition to your collection! These are definitely on my wish list!



I got to go to this store a while ago and finally got the pictures up! This store is called LUSH. It's a hand made cosmetics store. It is one of my favorite stores to go to! This is one store I don't miss out on! This store is amazing! The soaps are so natural and fresh feeling. Some are so pretty, I don't want to use them! Also, they are very good for your skin because the are all natural and don't irritate.

                     These are some of the soaps that they have, they are bought by the slice!
             These are shampoo bars! I haven't tried them beforez, but I bet they work really well!

The close up pictures I took of the soaps, are the ones I got when I went. The first one was Sea Vegetable. It's made of all natural sea nutrients! It has real sea salt and real seaweed! I use it in the morning and night to wash my face and it's so refreshing! I also love it because it really does clean my face very well. (I think it's way better than any acne soap.) The next soap is the sparkly gold one.. it's so pretty! I don't even use that one because of how pretty it is! It's just sitting in my bathroom as a decoration right now! I will always use these soaps because they have worked the best than any other soaps i've tried before. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Diamond in the dust

           Juicy Couture hat and scarf, Forever 21 gold jacket, Zara green skirt, Stella McCartney top.

  These photos started out just as an experiment.. and they turned out so good I had to show them on
  here! I got the skirt in NYC! I really liked that it was pleated because it added a vintage feel to it.
  I adore long skirts because they are so fun to walk and spin around in! The jacket was something the
  Forever 21 in my city had for such a long time! (I think it was waiting for me!) And the Juicy Couture
  hat and scarf are just so amazing! I can pair them with any color and any fabric and they work

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big Red Bow

                                                         Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes

            H&M belt (worn as bow), Roberto Cavalli skirt, Vintage belt, Pepe Jeans face shirt.

     I liked the bow more as a hair accessory than as a belt. I love how it looks with my hair, because it
     exaggerated the look. Marc Jacobs (my savior!) inspired this look! Have I ever mentioned how much
     I love Marc Jacobs?? Well I do! Because as teen vogue calls him.. he is "The King of Cool."