Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations Kylie Woodman!! You won the H&M necklace from my giveaway!! I hope you enjoy it and I'll be sure to give it to you as soon as i can!! I can't wait to hear all the wonderful outfits you've created with it! Feel free to send me a pic of you with your fabulous outfit to be featured on my blog! (of course only if you would like to be!) Congratulations!

For you girls who sent me other outfit ideas, I have had the toughest time choosing the winner because I honestly just LOVED every single one! I hope you will enter my next contest because I would love for all of you to win! Stay Classy! :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Cotton Candy Blouse
Husslen Chalayan Skirt
Miss Grant Sandals
Forever 21 rings

Another top I found at the cute little shop above the cafe. I adore this blouse because of how uniquely unique it is! It is also a great top to have because of the "prints" trend, which I recommend all of you get a print top and bottom because they are going to be very in-style this year, along with the color purple and head to toe color suits. It's also got a collar trend too! I love the top because you can really mix it up with anything! It's ideal for jeans and skirts because it gives it that extra "umph" you could be missing in a basic outfit. I think it's great, nay, essential to have a wild top you can use to spice up a day where you don't know what to wear but jeans and a t-shirt. A printed top can give you a quick and easy look. 

School is just around the corner... literally, but this year my blogger resolution is to keep up with my posts! And of course give you all new looks every time! :) Good Luck this year mademoiselles! 


There are two days left to enter the H&M Giveaway! Enter under the post entitled "H&M Giveaway" OR on the Bijoux et Bisoux group on Facebook! Bonne Chance!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

H&M Giveaway!

H&M Necklace

Time for a giveaway everyone! And I hope one of you wins this soon because it's so pretty I'm really tempted to keep it! Here's how to win:

1. Subscribe to Bijoux et Bisoux!
3. Comment below or on the Facebook Group, a look you could wear with this necklace.
 then we will choose a winner!

Bonne Chance! :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The City


H&M Blouse 
Mundo Cuervo Long sleeved Shirt
Zara Jeans
Zara Heels

Who doesn't love those heels? I was so lucky to have found them in Zara... they were the last pair in my exact size and in that particular color (comes in white and neon). Plus I finally found a pair of flattering jeans, which is most definitely and essential you should all have by the way. You can have a million pairs of jeans but you need to have at least one pair of jeans that fit you like a glove! 

Last night I watched the movie "Chaplin" and I fell in love with it... partially just because Robert Downy Jr. was in it. The movie is so touching and so inspiring to me because of how Charlie Chaplin went from nothing, to becoming the most successful actor of his time. Also because of Robert Downy Jr.'s (who is by the way my favorite actor if you haven't noticed!) incredible performance. When you watch him acting and Mr. Chaplin you really believe that it IS him, he really IS Charlie Chaplin. He captured so many aspects of Charlie, which makes him my absolute Idol. Not just because of this particular movie, but because in whichever movie he is in, whichever character he plays, he is always fresh. He always has a new personality to give to every character which is absolutely incredible to me. I also have to comment on how adorable Moira Kelly was as "Hetty Kelly," Chaplin's first love (Ever since last night i've been scouring the internet in search of her dress in the picture!). Must watch!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

La Cucaracha


Raximbat Shirt
Mika Shoes
Lucky Brand Shorts

La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha, Ya No Puede Caminar... 

I was so happy to hear all the feedback I got from my last post! It really overjoys me to read about how many of you can relate to wanting to do something different but being scared to because of what others might think. You're breaking free! :) In my opinion, I think you guys will be very happy to be able to show off who you really are. One of my friends has a pair of Prada Shoes she absolutely loves, and she had them for a while in the box in her closet. She was afraid to wear them (PRADA SHOES!?) because she thought it was too much for what everyone usually wore. Hello!! If any of you have a pair of Prada shoes in your closet, you better be wearing them! Remember, Be Yourself. I can't even explain how many different styles of clothes I wear. I can't stick to one style because there are too many things out there that are so my style, which is like i like to call it "New York." Because there are so many different styles and looks I want to try. That's why my blog crosses such a vast verizon of styles, because I can never decide what I want to stick with! :) I can't wait to hear from you all and even send me pics of Your Personal Style! to my email or on the Bijoux and Bisoux Facebook page!! Thank you all!!

The Moral Of the Story Is: Be yourself. Cause you were Born That Way.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Rolling Stones


Pull & Bear Rolling Stones T-Shirt
Zara Jeans
Denisse Boutique Necklace
Ashish for Underground Creepers

A Casual Day for me... extremely. But It could not be helped with the tremendous heat of Tequila. Tequila, Mexico that is (I do not recommend wearing Creepers in 100 degree weather). One of my favorite new things is my Denisse Boutique necklace!! It's one of my favorite pieces i've gotten this year, and I found it at the little Boutique above Cafe "Amor Apache." Have any of you ever tried dragon fruit? It's quite good.. peculiar.. but good. The little white dome chapped part you see in the fruit  is what you eat, and it tastes kind of like a honey dew melon.

By any chance... have any of you read this months "Glamour?" Because there are some wonderful articles in there that I want to share with you, that have boosted my confidence, and hopefully will boost yours. The issue has many articles on how you really shouldn't be afraid to dress for yourself. Many girls are scared to dress how they want because they want to fit in, they are afraid of being teased or un-liked, which in truth is completely true. The Man Repeller is a blog  Leandra Medine started after she asked her friend why men weren't committing to her. Her friends told her that the way she dressed was horrendous to men, which therefore started the legendary blog "Man Repeller." She liked the way she dressed, and was happy with her style, and guess what? She was recently married! So don't be afraid to dress how you want because really, all that matters is what you like, not what every other girl is wearing. Glamour also stated that you don't have to shop expensive to get your dream style either! I shop at stores like "Forever 21" and "H&M" (my love!!) on a regular basis! The most important thing to do while shopping is to shop around your own likes, (and to look for the good quality items). Don't buy the top or skirt that every girl is wearing to school just because of that reason, buy that cute orange 50's style dress you've had your eye on for a while (which my friend bought and fell in love with by the way). Many girls that I talk to about shopping at "Forever 21" say that they don't shop there because the clothes are bad quality.. not true if you are looking for the cute items! The next time you go to a store like "Forever 21" really look. 

Here are some Examples:

Do all the girls in your area wear

These are all from either Forever 21 or H&M, and they have been key pieces to my wardrobe ever since I saw them on the shelves. But they are also not cheap items, and I have actually surprised people by telling them they are from those stores. 

The Moral of the Story is: Be Yourself. Completely.

Friday, August 10, 2012



Zara Peach Dress
Zara Neon Yellow Shoes
My Own Backpack

What better color than neon in the summer? It definitely attracts attention, I got serenaded by a full mariachi band. The shoes are one of my favorite pieces I have in my entire wardrobe. They accentuate almost any look and are a color you can wear at any time of the year. The dress is absolutely lovely. I can't say much more that how much I adore it! 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Amor Apache

Forever 21 Crop Top
Urban Outfitters Neon Pink skirt
Zara White Sequin Collar

Amor Apache, the wonder store :) I found this little boutique in a cafe we went to... how you ask? I needed to use the ladies room. The boutique is literally the cutest thing ever! It has so many pieces that you wouldn't find anywhere else like the dress i wore in my last post "Del Corazon De La Tierra." 

The new collar I got is one of my favorite new pieces of my wardrobe. It can compliment just about anything! I recommend a piece like this that you can use to accentuate a plain look.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Del Corazon De La Tierra

Taka by Takawear Dress
Forever 21 Sandals
Forever 21 Rings
Oilily Necklace

My childhood wardrobe seems to find it's way into my present day wardrobe quite often. This outfit perfectly describes my flower power days in elementary school. Everything you see here is my trademark print... flowers... flowers.. and more flowers :) otherwise known as Oilily! This dress I found in a little boutique called "Amor Apache," and it comes from Turkey. We fell in love with the knitted pieces hanging on the end of the dress and simply could not leave it in the store!