Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mon Petit Donut!

Isn't this just the cutest little donut ever!? I actually spent more time admiring and taking pictures of it, than I did enjoying it! 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

SF adventure! part 3!

Wearing: Gap Sequin Jacket and Jeans, Marc Jacobs + P-Town "Blondie" Vintage T-Shirt, Forever 21

First of all I want to thank the Trolley Conductor for letting me take the pictures! Secondly, I want to apologize to the people who waited till we were done... I just need to put one thing out there.. I love San Francisco! It's like a mini NY! I love walking around Union Square and going Fisherman's Wharf at night when all the little shops are lit up. That morning we went to a little cafe called "Madeline," while we waited till the shops opened up. It was a very cute little cafe, that had chocolate croissants (that was what i was eating,) little strawberry short cakes, and small but filling desserts! Finally we went crazy shopping at all the little stores around union square, focusing on the unusual ones that you don't usually hear about. I just want to mention how nice people dress! Men were dressed so modern and casual! They had outfits with blazers and dark jeans, and cool laptop cases, carrying their Starbucks coffee while listing to their new ipods with cool new Marc Jacobs headphones. As H&M quotes "Clothes don't make a man, but it's a good start." I look forward to our next trip!

Friday, March 4, 2011

50's and 60's

I made the school musical! woohoo!! The musical we are doing is "Bye Bye Birdie" and my part is the Sad Girl... incase you haven't see the musical.. heres my part:

Im so excited to learn the dance choreography! I'm really starting to like all this 50's-60's stuff, and not to mention.. the clothes!

The style is so great because it's so fun and young! I love how there were so many colors, pouffy dresses, and the pants that go all the way up to the waist! I love the styles of the dresses. They were all the same style but they all had different colors and prints, it was like a stylish "tacky" thing. My favorite thing had to be the hair! Tight buns with super curly bangs, and ribbons around the head! Someday I will go to school in a hairstyle like those.. just as soon as I learn how to style it like that! Well, Bye Bye Birdies!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thierry Mugler & LADY GAGA!

Thierry Mugler released his new womanswear collection for spring! And I absolutely love it! I liked how the collection incorporated harsh black, bright blues and then creamy pastel whites. The collection was great to watch on the run way, I really liked the catwalk too! During the most anticipated collection of the Paris season, a huge surprise waited in store for the audience! Lady Gaga strut what she was born with on that run way.. twice! She came out in adorable outfits with waist length long pigtails and 6 inch heels! She was amazing on the runway, and not to mention she bought every single piece in every color!