Saturday, January 29, 2011

Miu Miu..Mio!

Miu Miu Jacket, Roberto Cavalli skirt, Juicy Couture pink hearts shirt, ChloĆ© shoes,  H&M belt, DSquared pink bracelets, Distroller charm bracelets, Essie nail polish in Bachelorette Bash.

This look was inspired by Miu Miu's 2011 pre-spring collection (hair too). Shoes are my moms, who let me borrow them!... for the shoot only. Distroller bracelets were a gift from my Tia Nora! (gracias tia!!) The skirt was from when I was little, which didn't fit me till now! And the shirt is from Juicy Outlet Couture. Love the look. It's cute, fresh and summery and can either be dressy or casual!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just Do It (H&M)

Good News!! I went to H&M last weekend!.. and I got a new couch!.. bad news, NO MORE LANVIN! I was devastated! I know it's old news, but I was hoping to find some left overs... anyway, have you ever speed shopped before? I got 2 hours to shop, but I found some super cute pieces to show you!
                                                                        H&M Scarf

      H&M shoes, skirt, jacket, necklace, scarf. Juicy Couture headband. Mom's old Bvlgari sunglasses.

I love this, it's a sporty and preppy look. I love the shoes because they feel so vintage! I feel like I stole them from the 50's! I had such a fun day "running" in this outfit! I was so cold! But all the "running" kept me warm! It's fun to mix and match with bold colors and prints. I even incorporated that into my hair accessories and it pulled it all together!

Friday, January 21, 2011

I can't wait for spring!

So I was looking through Teen Vouge magazine like any other day, and suddenly... my heart stopped      when i saw these amazingly cute flats!
Antonio Marras flats

I love these shoes... thats all I can say. They are so springy and they look so comfy too. I am getting so anxious for spring! (These are definitely on my wish list!) I would love to wear them with fushia pink nail polish or maybe some kind of light blue color. I like that they have the chrome finish on the bottoms, it makes them look more edgy!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Golden Globe Awards!

Today I was watching the Golden Globe Awards! And besides "Hooray-ing!" for all my fave actors, of course there was the "Oh my gosh's" of all the beautiful dresses!

Angelina looked AMAZING in this dress (when doesn't she?) It was so simple but sooo pretty! The green was so beautiful and the shoulder pads were just the perfect touch (besides the sparkles!)

This was my ABSOLUTE favorite dress of them all! Olivia Wilde was made for it!
These are the shoes!!! 

I love this dress! The color is sooo pretty and the color Peach is amazing on her! Emma Stone looks amazing! And I love the blonde hair on her too!

Hailee Steinfeld Looked so beautiful in the dress. It's young and fresh and chic! She looks so stunning and it's the perfect fancy but age appropriate dress for her.

And Finally, the gorgeous Ann Hathaway! This dress looks so perfect on her, and it fits her figure perfectly! I love the color and the effect of the sparkles on the dress!

I can't wait to someday walk with them on the red carpet!! 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Music by Marc Jacobs!

There has been a breakthrough in the music accessories world! Now, not only can you wear Marc Jacobs, but you can listen Marc Jacobs! The Marc by Marc Jacobs line has come out with MP3 speakers!

Marc by Marc Jacobs MP3 speakers

These speakers are the cutest little things ever! I absolutely ADORE them (just as i adore all of Marc Jacobs creations!). They come in 3 colors, pink, blue and black (pink for me!) and they can be hung on your car keys, your cell phone or your purse, which is what I'm going to do! I especially like them because I don't like to listen to music through earbuds, but out loud!.. and they are so mini! They are on sale right now on

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hot Stuff!

And the color of the month is..... RED! Valentines day is coming up! And here are my love matches!

Fred Flare $11 Sweetheart sunglasses

These are the CUTEST sunglasses ever! They are perfect for the upcoming holiday and a HOT item to have! I love these because they can accentuate any outfit and are so fun yet classy at the same time!

This is one of my all time favorite lipsticks... not just because of the color...
Paul & Joe lipstick in Moonshadow

Another HOT item to have! (limited edition!) This color is sooo pretty on the lips, because it's not too dark and it's not too light! And... isn't that little kitty just so cute?? I take him for a walk in my purse every day! (do you take cats for walks...?) This costs $25 at Bergdorf Goodman, NYC (it's sold on other stores online too)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

How To Shop!

Just because clothes look fashionable, doesn't mean they are expensive. For example, take a pair of Miu Miu ballet flats
These shoes are about $500, at the actual Miu Miu store.....

But these......

Look very much the same and I got them for $8 at Forever 21 and I've been wearing them for months!

I really can find lots of good quality stuff there, by looking in the right places... although the Miu Miu ones are sooo adorable!

Another tip, ALWAYS shop for pieces and not outfits. The reason? It's always good to add pieces to your collection, because you can make outfits with them, and if you only buy outfits that you can't mix with anything else..well your stuck with it and you don't have the freedom to make up new styles!

When I'm shopping for pieces, I choose uncommon ones, that way my outfit is more unique. I like to shop when a couture brand is launching a new collection for regular stores.. like Target or anywhere else where a piece catches my eye! One of my favorite pieces is a Rodarte cheetah print dress (some of you may have seen it in the Dakota Fanning issue of Teen Vogue) 

Rodarte for Target dress, Forever 21 ring, Roberto Cavalli Necklace, Forever 21 combat boots

I love pairing this dress with bright colors (I love royal purple with this print)! Cheetah print looks great with bold accessories. I have paired this dress with so many different combinations of colors, I can use it with anything! That's why I buy pieces that I can use many different ways, without having the same look.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Fashion Role Models!

Of course, like everyone else out there, I have fashion idols! My top 2 are Audrey Hepburn (of course!) and Brigitte Bardot! They both have very classy styles, but they are different. Audrey has a more Classic vibe, and Brigitte has a fun and bright (yet classy) style. Recently, I've taken on the Brigitte Bardot image, with Audrey Hepburn style, still mixed with my own personal style!  Who are your Fashion Idols?

Style Basics

These are the basic essentials any fashionista should have: A trench coat, because they are so basic, but look so stylish with any dresses or jeans you have! A super sparkly item, because if you are wearing something plain and dull, you can always add a fashion flair to it with sparkles! Ballet Flats, because they are super comfy AND look great with any type of outfit. Big sunglasses!...just for fun (and extra style!). A faux or real pearl necklace, because pearls look good with ANYTHING. If you feel that your outfit needs accessories, but nothing too flashy, pearls are the answer! An accessory with one bold and bright color. These are especially good if you are wearing a outfit with dark colors, because they add a little POP! The Teen Vogue handbook is something every girl should already have! There are so many fashion tips, and helpful hints for any future dreams of working in the fashion industry, this is a must have for sure! Funny Face, and Breakfast at Tiffany's are inspirations! The wardrobe will blow you away, and really motivate all you young fashionistas out there! Finally, big velcro curlers. These are great! They add volume/straighten/wave/make your hair silky without using any hot tools. So if you want to do anything to your hair after, you won't do as much damage. I like to curl my hair at the ends after i take them out.  All this an you are on your way to being a great fashionista!

Voila! C'est Moi!

This is me! I'll be here posting the latest fashion updates and trends! You can count on me!

1st post

Welcome to my blog! This page is all about fashion! If you need ideas for what to wear, how to pair up outfits and how to shop for the right pieces, all you need to know will be here! Thanks for viewing, and I hope you find me useful!