Monday, August 29, 2011

Geek Technique


White Dress Blouse:: H&M
Dark Green Sweater:: Bershka
White Skirt:: Hussein Chalayan
Vintage Givenchey Earrings
Shoes:: Mika
Ring:: Forever 21

Today was the first day of school! So I thought I would get my inner scholar out. I returned to school after a wonderful summer to AP and Honors classes, Geometry, and all that "fun stuff." Yay... 
I LOVE these earrings so much! I went crazy when my mom showed them to me! My mom has this box  filled with vintage jewelry. Some of it is really crazy! There are gold chains with huge gold amulets hanging from them! And then there are other things like these earrings. (Oh and if you haven't noticed, my glasses are the beautiful couture movie theatre 3D glasses with the lenses popped out.) I think that every girl should own a pouffy white skirt. I goes with everything and it can be worn during summer and winter. And guess what? 3 more weeks till braces come off! It's a rather exciting event!

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Year Without Rain


Oversized Shirt:: Urban Outfitters
Shorts (Cut Jeans):: Lucky Brand
Combat Boots:: Forever 21

A Year Without Rain by Selena Gomez is one of my favorite songs. I just had to mention it because of the area where we took the pictures! It reminded me of the desert where they shot the music video. So this shirt is one of my favorites that I have in my drawer! I love that it is so oversized and I especially love the print that it has on the front because it's sort of unexpected. The "shorts" were my mom's old lucky brand jeans that she decided to cut up for summer! They were so worn out and old, but they are so comfy! I love the color of them because they are a very bright blue that you don't usually see in jeans anymore. The feathers actually started the look! I found them in a box of "stuff" in my room and then I started pulling things out of my drawers and this came up! Another example of how I "mistakingly" create outfits!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Feeding the Ducks


Bird Headband:: Apres Midi
Bird Jump Suit:: H&M
Boots:: Top Shop
Lip stick by:: Serge Lutens

I finally found a suitable place to wear my bird headband too! I have to say I was rather excited to wear it. I got smiles from many joggers who went around the little lake and saw it. I have also finally been able to show you this jump suit from H&M. I LOVE it! When I first saw it in the store, it was in the sale section with a tag that said it was size 8 but it looked smaller so I decided to try it on! We later found out that it was a "typo" because it was actually a smaller size. Lucky me! 
I think we all had a fun time during this shoot. As my mom would take a picture she would spot a duck doing something cute and we just had to sit and watch it! I would turn around at certain times and "awww!" at them, then turn right back around with a serious face. I also have to mention how pretty this lip stick is! It's actually a really deep purple, but looks pinker here because of the sun. It looks as if I had just eaten a box full of black berries! 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fairy God Mother


Poncho:: Sfera
Jean Skirt :: Sfera
Boots:: TopShop

This was at the end of my rainbow. This fairytale like garden at the end of a long twisting and turning road. Everything but the mud that got on my shoes was perfect about this place. In fact, the road to get to this little garden was called Enchanted Garden... guess that makes sense right? 

Saturday, August 20, 2011



Shirt:: Sfera
Skirt:: Sfera
Turban(scarf):: Vintage

Turbans have become one of my new favorite things next to colored jeans. I was out and about in 92 degree weather and I was so hot! Unfortunately I didn't have a hair tie, but I was wearing this scarf so I decided to make use of it and wrap it on my head as a turban. (It's funny that about 95% of the looks I create are by accident.) Another thing that I went crazy over was the shirt with the high neck line. They were actually the first thing that caught my eye in the store and I could not get away from them! I just love the classy, vintage feel those type of shirts have. I also have some exciting news! I will be getting my braces off in 4 weeks! Looking forward to it!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Jeans:: Bershka
Sweater:: Bershka
Earrings:: AEsilver
Shoes:: Urban Outiftters

I LOVE this sweater! Basically because I think it has such a great color. It also looks great against the bold color of the green jeans! This is just the beginning of my colored jeans craze!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Colored jeans

So before you go on... this is my first video post! It's all on colored jeans like the different colors and styles and just some fun accessories I played around with! I hope you all enjoy it! (click video to go to you tube page for larger view!)


Blue High Waisted Jeans:: American Apparel
Green Jeans:: Bershka
Light Pink Jeans:: Mika
Orange Jeans:: Fussion

Shoes:: Mika
Boots:: TopShop
White Hat:: H&M
Lips Purse:: LuLu Guinness
Scarf:: Vintage
BackPack:: TOUS
Heart Sunglasses:: (found in a random store)



Crop Sweater:: KI6?
High Waisted Sailor Shorts:: Urban Outfitters
Sneakers:: Capa De Ozono

Didn't really feel like wearing a tucked in blouse, so I substituted a cropped sweater for it instead. Also a thing I don't usually do is wearing sneakers. Surprisingly they fit in with the look. The sweater was from my child hood, and I never really wore it then so it was just squished up in the back of my dresser. We sort of just found this little garden while walking around in Guadalajara and decided to take pictures. I wasn't really dressed for my blog but it worked!