Saturday, October 8, 2011


Playing Indians
Little Brother Hunting

Urban Outfitters Sweater
GAP Leggings
Gucci Knock-off boots 

This print has been stalking me. This indian/aztecy print is in just about very store I visit! I was finally determined to get this sweater once I walked into Urban Outfitters and and explosion of these prints were surrounding me. The sweater is amazing. It is so so so soft on the inside! And I love the combination of the colors. There is my little brother Spencer. He's so cute! We had him pose as a galloping deer to hunt him. It is so hard to take pictures around him, because he cannot stop making us laugh! He would grab sticks and pretend he was Harry Potter half the time! I have to tell a story now, about the "Gucci" boots. My mom was wearing them (did I mention the boots are my moms?) at Whole Foods a while ago. When we were in the check out line a lady came up to my mom and asked "Are those the Gucci boots?" my mom answered "No they aren't actually, but they are the same style." the lady then answered " Oh, because I have the Gucci boots and they look alike." Ok, so you may not get why this is so funny, but my mom laughed her head off in the car. She retold the story over and over again, getting more dramatic each time. This is her story "She was like I HAVE the Gucci boots! (enunciation on the I HAVE) Like, If she had them, she would've know (she never says the last N because of her accent) they weren't real. I HAVE the Gucci boots! Hahahaha!"

Oh Mother.


  1. i love your sweater! and your boots are cute too.

  2. you are sooo pretty!! i always look on your blog to get tips! goregous! i might have to go shopping with you one day!