Monday, June 25, 2012

Late for Tea!


Urban Outfitters White Lace Dress
Black Hair Ribbon
Antique Tea Cup & Saucer

"You're late for tea!" My all time favorite Disney film has to be Alice in Wonderland! I love Alice and everything about Wonderland, so I based my look off of Alice! I tried to be more antique with her look by using the lace dress which I absolutely love because of it being antique looking. I used a really cute cat eyeliner look also to add more to the effect of Alice. I also got creative with Spencer's birthday cake and made him the Cheshire Cat which took me all morning to perfect! Talk about the most amazing birthday cake ever? 


  1. Isabella, these pictures are all so pretty! And I absolutely love your hair! :) xx

  2. That dress is adorable. That cake is really cool too, you did a great job! I could never do something like that. I don't have very steady hands. I also love your eyeliner it looks really good on you, and cute with the dress.