Saturday, January 7, 2012


My own hat
H&M blouse
Zara Tank Top
H&M leather shorts
Ashish for Underground Creepers

Thank you for the hat nana! Can you believe she made this for me?! Fashion runs deep through our family it seems! I can't explain how much I love it! It's made with alpaca wool, and it keeps me warmer than 3 sweaters ever could! S'wonderful! S'Marvelous! (My little brother even wants one of his own!) So how creepy are my creepers? ;) They are one of the most comfortable shoes I own! They are made in London and even smell foreign! (in a good way) I had told my mom that I wanted a pair of black shoes, (but not just any black shoes!) and hinted at the creepers for a while! The impression of most people when they first see the shoes is punkers. But I disagree. It all depends on how you wear them; if you wear them with studded leather jackets and scary rock and roll shirts... that might be a whole different style there! (BTW...I love that they are studded!) They can actually be more "Chanel" than "Hot Topic."

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  1. I LOVE those shoes and the leather shorts look fabulous.