Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Feeding the Ducks


Bird Headband:: Apres Midi
Bird Jump Suit:: H&M
Boots:: Top Shop
Lip stick by:: Serge Lutens

I finally found a suitable place to wear my bird headband too! I have to say I was rather excited to wear it. I got smiles from many joggers who went around the little lake and saw it. I have also finally been able to show you this jump suit from H&M. I LOVE it! When I first saw it in the store, it was in the sale section with a tag that said it was size 8 but it looked smaller so I decided to try it on! We later found out that it was a "typo" because it was actually a smaller size. Lucky me! 
I think we all had a fun time during this shoot. As my mom would take a picture she would spot a duck doing something cute and we just had to sit and watch it! I would turn around at certain times and "awww!" at them, then turn right back around with a serious face. I also have to mention how pretty this lip stick is! It's actually a really deep purple, but looks pinker here because of the sun. It looks as if I had just eaten a box full of black berries! 


  1. Really cool jumpsuit! The bird pattern is very Miu Miu!


  2. You look so pretty!
    Amazing pics.
    Thanks for your lovely comments ;)


  3. I love your outfit!! Cool!! and beautiful as always.