Monday, August 29, 2011

Geek Technique


White Dress Blouse:: H&M
Dark Green Sweater:: Bershka
White Skirt:: Hussein Chalayan
Vintage Givenchey Earrings
Shoes:: Mika
Ring:: Forever 21

Today was the first day of school! So I thought I would get my inner scholar out. I returned to school after a wonderful summer to AP and Honors classes, Geometry, and all that "fun stuff." Yay... 
I LOVE these earrings so much! I went crazy when my mom showed them to me! My mom has this box  filled with vintage jewelry. Some of it is really crazy! There are gold chains with huge gold amulets hanging from them! And then there are other things like these earrings. (Oh and if you haven't noticed, my glasses are the beautiful couture movie theatre 3D glasses with the lenses popped out.) I think that every girl should own a pouffy white skirt. I goes with everything and it can be worn during summer and winter. And guess what? 3 more weeks till braces come off! It's a rather exciting event!

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