Friday, August 26, 2011

A Year Without Rain


Oversized Shirt:: Urban Outfitters
Shorts (Cut Jeans):: Lucky Brand
Combat Boots:: Forever 21

A Year Without Rain by Selena Gomez is one of my favorite songs. I just had to mention it because of the area where we took the pictures! It reminded me of the desert where they shot the music video. So this shirt is one of my favorites that I have in my drawer! I love that it is so oversized and I especially love the print that it has on the front because it's sort of unexpected. The "shorts" were my mom's old lucky brand jeans that she decided to cut up for summer! They were so worn out and old, but they are so comfy! I love the color of them because they are a very bright blue that you don't usually see in jeans anymore. The feathers actually started the look! I found them in a box of "stuff" in my room and then I started pulling things out of my drawers and this came up! Another example of how I "mistakingly" create outfits!


  1. Love your look and that location is brilliant. Xxxx

  2. Wooowwww dear Isabella. I am really proud of you!

  3. AMAZING!!