Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ladies, Lights and Lingerie!

So as you all know, the Victoria's Secret fashion show was just two days ago! I really had to vent about how amazing it was on here. But don't take this as style advice, I'm not giving any fashion advice saying to go around in a bejeweled bra and panties with some wings out on the town.

The "Under Water Angels" collection was dazzling. It was my favorite of all of the collections! I love   the sparkles and the flowy wings, and just everything about the costumes was amazing! I also loved that they got Maroon 5 to sing "Moves Like Jagger" because it fit in so well with the walk and the theme. What I like best about the Victoria's Secret models is that they have personality. Most fashion shows you see have models with no expression who just walk in a straight line. Here the girls play with the costumes and smile and wave at the audience which makes the show come alive! Try to imagine this same show without the emotions... weird huh? It's like a trademark to be fun and flirty on the walk. Oh and by the way, that is Karly Kloss on the runway!

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