Friday, December 9, 2011


Bershka Cheetah Print Dress
Simonetta Faux Fur Coat
Chanel Sunglasses
American Apparel Tube Socks
D.A.T.E Suede Boots

This is a very classic look. I love how cheetah print looks with earthy tones like the brown jacket, and the pale socks. I also love how it's wild, but tamed as well with the simple accessories. I'm not a big fan of fur anything honestly, but with this look it just seemed to work. If you don't want to use a fur coat, I would use not a black leather coat, but a brown one. Black would be too overwhelming and take over the dress, it's too harsh for the look we're trying to achieve. A nice dark brown color would work well. I added the sunglasses at the end because I feel like I needed a bit of spark... something that could lift it up a bit. They also happened to be on my moms head so I though why not? :) I have to mention how much I love the D.A.T.E boots, because they literally go with EVERYTHING. The design is perfect because it's simple and basic, so it doesn't take away from what you're wearing, plus it has a suede fabric so extra bonus. I chose a red eye shadow to add around my eyes for make-up, which explains the red background (which I chose to accentuate it). Since most of the colors are earthy, I spiced it up with a light red tone, (which really accentuates green eyes, for those girl who have green eyes like moi). 

I felt like a cheetah wearing it's pray.

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