Monday, December 5, 2011


Dress Forever 21
Headband Juicy Couture
Heels Capa De Ozono
Ring Tous
Nail Polish Chanel 

It's COLD! But that's no excuse to not wear a dress! It's finally winter. The biggest season in the fashion industry! Marc Jacobs shoes (my favorite), Prada coats, Chanel handbags... all the new! This look is more of a fancy look for a Christmas or New Year's party, but you can easily pull it off for school or a rendezvous with your girl friends by pairing it with flats or shoes like the ones you can see in the post "Boyfriend Jeans" which is how I wore it today for school! I love the contrast of the headband sparkles with the collar sparkles of the dress. It's so classy and chic! My friend Natalie told me today that it was very old fashioned looking. I agree, it's a classic look, but it's more vintage-y. My favorite part would have to be the sleeves! I love the sheer touch to the full fabric dress. It makes it so much softer than if it was all completely solid. I paired the dress with red lips, but for a casual look you can use a nude gloss. I honestly love this look so much! I know.. how modest of me... but I really like how everything is paired together! It's my ideal outfit. If we were all cartoon characters who wore the same clothes everyday, I would want this to be mine. :)

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