Friday, February 11, 2011

Spring style No. 3

3) White Jeans and Flare Jeans!

Say good by to your second skins, and clean up your act in some loose and pretty flare jeans! Personally.. I cant stand skinny jeans. IM OVER IT. Sometimes when a trend just doesn't satisfy... I sit it out and wait till next season. Luckily, now I'm free to bring in the flair!

GAP 1969

I have fallen in love with these jeans! The are extremely soft and comfy and look super chic! I have never had a more comfy and stylish jeans ever! I was so impressed with the cut and how they fit. Especially since they were from the GAP! I've noticed that GAP is coming out with a more sophisticated and stylish line.. apparently is called "The New." I am really starting to love it! One things for sure though, these really are a fashion brake through!

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