Sunday, February 6, 2011


I got to go to this store a while ago and finally got the pictures up! This store is called LUSH. It's a hand made cosmetics store. It is one of my favorite stores to go to! This is one store I don't miss out on! This store is amazing! The soaps are so natural and fresh feeling. Some are so pretty, I don't want to use them! Also, they are very good for your skin because the are all natural and don't irritate.

                     These are some of the soaps that they have, they are bought by the slice!
             These are shampoo bars! I haven't tried them beforez, but I bet they work really well!

The close up pictures I took of the soaps, are the ones I got when I went. The first one was Sea Vegetable. It's made of all natural sea nutrients! It has real sea salt and real seaweed! I use it in the morning and night to wash my face and it's so refreshing! I also love it because it really does clean my face very well. (I think it's way better than any acne soap.) The next soap is the sparkly gold one.. it's so pretty! I don't even use that one because of how pretty it is! It's just sitting in my bathroom as a decoration right now! I will always use these soaps because they have worked the best than any other soaps i've tried before. 

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