Sunday, January 9, 2011

How To Shop!

Just because clothes look fashionable, doesn't mean they are expensive. For example, take a pair of Miu Miu ballet flats
These shoes are about $500, at the actual Miu Miu store.....

But these......

Look very much the same and I got them for $8 at Forever 21 and I've been wearing them for months!

I really can find lots of good quality stuff there, by looking in the right places... although the Miu Miu ones are sooo adorable!

Another tip, ALWAYS shop for pieces and not outfits. The reason? It's always good to add pieces to your collection, because you can make outfits with them, and if you only buy outfits that you can't mix with anything else..well your stuck with it and you don't have the freedom to make up new styles!

When I'm shopping for pieces, I choose uncommon ones, that way my outfit is more unique. I like to shop when a couture brand is launching a new collection for regular stores.. like Target or anywhere else where a piece catches my eye! One of my favorite pieces is a Rodarte cheetah print dress (some of you may have seen it in the Dakota Fanning issue of Teen Vogue) 

Rodarte for Target dress, Forever 21 ring, Roberto Cavalli Necklace, Forever 21 combat boots

I love pairing this dress with bright colors (I love royal purple with this print)! Cheetah print looks great with bold accessories. I have paired this dress with so many different combinations of colors, I can use it with anything! That's why I buy pieces that I can use many different ways, without having the same look.

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  1. The Miu Miu flats are soo cute!!! but waaaayyy to expensive for my taste.xD Thank god for forever21!!