Saturday, January 8, 2011

Style Basics

These are the basic essentials any fashionista should have: A trench coat, because they are so basic, but look so stylish with any dresses or jeans you have! A super sparkly item, because if you are wearing something plain and dull, you can always add a fashion flair to it with sparkles! Ballet Flats, because they are super comfy AND look great with any type of outfit. Big sunglasses!...just for fun (and extra style!). A faux or real pearl necklace, because pearls look good with ANYTHING. If you feel that your outfit needs accessories, but nothing too flashy, pearls are the answer! An accessory with one bold and bright color. These are especially good if you are wearing a outfit with dark colors, because they add a little POP! The Teen Vogue handbook is something every girl should already have! There are so many fashion tips, and helpful hints for any future dreams of working in the fashion industry, this is a must have for sure! Funny Face, and Breakfast at Tiffany's are inspirations! The wardrobe will blow you away, and really motivate all you young fashionistas out there! Finally, big velcro curlers. These are great! They add volume/straighten/wave/make your hair silky without using any hot tools. So if you want to do anything to your hair after, you won't do as much damage. I like to curl my hair at the ends after i take them out.  All this an you are on your way to being a great fashionista!

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