Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just Do It (H&M)

Good News!! I went to H&M last weekend!.. and I got a new couch!.. bad news, NO MORE LANVIN! I was devastated! I know it's old news, but I was hoping to find some left overs... anyway, have you ever speed shopped before? I got 2 hours to shop, but I found some super cute pieces to show you!
                                                                        H&M Scarf

      H&M shoes, skirt, jacket, necklace, scarf. Juicy Couture headband. Mom's old Bvlgari sunglasses.

I love this, it's a sporty and preppy look. I love the shoes because they feel so vintage! I feel like I stole them from the 50's! I had such a fun day "running" in this outfit! I was so cold! But all the "running" kept me warm! It's fun to mix and match with bold colors and prints. I even incorporated that into my hair accessories and it pulled it all together!

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