Wednesday, September 26, 2012


<3 Met a Fan!! <3


Zara Dress
Prada Chandelier Heels
My own headband

My classy look for you all! What better color of peach can there be for a dress like this? I am a huge fan of these dresses, and I would definitely recommend this outfit for a special dinner or party! One of the most important things about these dresses, is that you can't over accessorize them. The dress is the main attraction, and a simple bracelet or a ring or headband like I have are perfect! And lets not forget an amazing pair of heels! The heels sparkle like no other! They are just simply incredible, there isn't another word to describe them. (Aaand.. they also happen to be my mothers so this is about the only time she would ever let me touch them). I love that they are so fragile and soft looking and give such a feminine touch to any Cinderella look like this! <3 That's it exactly! they are Cinderella heels and every girl must have her pair of Cinderella heels to wear to make an unforgettable entrance, and make just an unforgettable departure.

I also got to meet a little fan!! She came outside while we were taking pictures and loved my outfit! She looked so adorable I couldn't resist not taking a photo with her, so here is my cutest fan ever! :) And to all of my followers/viewers, you guys are truly amazing and I am so thankful for your support and viewings! To everyone in France, Switzerland, Australia, New Zeland (im not kidding guys! you are from all over the place!<3) etc, you guys help inspire my blog every day! 

Stay Classy xx

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