Wednesday, September 19, 2012


H&M Tuxedo Shirt
Forever 21 Lace Flare Jeans
Marni Heels
My own hat

Whats black and white and red all over? Me wearing this outfit a getting sparkles all over the place :) 
I personally am more for tea than coffee, but when we ever visit Cafe Barra Cafe, coffee is a must. Especially with the little biscuits they give you to eat while you chat! How amazing are these Marni shoes by the way? My mom had them in her closet for ages and found them while we were rummaging through our old clothes! This Cafe is one of my absolute favorites, and if any of you ever drop by for a visit in Guadalajara, I most definitely recommend visiting this cafe!

I'm sure lace flare jeans aren't something you see everyday... and heres my tip to you; get a pair of dazzling jeans. Wether they are floral print, lace, neon or studded, it's an absolute must for this coming season. The best thing about dazzling jeans (well maybe the second best thing because first of all, they are adorable!) is that you can really pair them with anything. And when you are in a hurry (as I was this morning) They are very simple and easy to pair with a plain white shirt and an accessory, and get you out the door in a second! Prints, Prints, Prints!

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