Friday, September 21, 2012

Shabby & Shabby

Mika Dress
Mika Shoes
My Own Purse

Cutest cafe in the world? Check! Shabby & Shabby is without a doubt the most charming and enchanting cafe there could ever be. It is partially outdoors and half indoors, with Chandeliers hanging everywhere! Just to my luck, it was raining outside which is by far the perfect weather to sip tea in.[ I was rather sad when we took these photos... it was our last day in Guadalajara :( ] I was very lucky to have found this dress! I actually only grabbed it to try on with a pair of shoes since I was wearing long pants and it turned out to be a very cute little dress! The color is a rusty red/brown and is perfect for a day at a little cafe. 

The purple shoes were perfect for this season!... since purple is a huge trending color for fall! Purple, Purple, Purple girls, you can never have to much purple this fall! I already have my purple skirt... oops! I better not spoil that surprise for you until the "Purple" post comes up!! 

Stay Classy, xx

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