Friday, September 9, 2011

I love NY

Current Elliot Boyfriend Jeans
Prada Gold Belt
Juicy Couture Cuff Bracelet
Miu Miu Ballet Flats

So sorry I didn't post in a couple days! School just started so I'm getting kind of held up, but I promise I will be posting all the time now! Anyways, I though I just had to do something with my favorite shirt. I mean honestly, who's favorite shirt isn't this one? I remember my friends going to New York and everyone asking them to get them a NY shirt, but I just couldn't ask someone to get it for me. I had to experience New York and get it personally. Once again, I'm wearing my boyfriend jeans! They are just so comfy and.. well, addictive! I also looove the prada belt! I love that it's thin, but has the bright color to it that makes it so unique! I actually got the bracelet from Juicy Couture on a tote bag I bought on e-bay. At first we thought it was just a cherub but it turned out to be a bracelet so double points for me! And of course those high fashion Miu Miu shoes are just amazing! They are actually my mom's believe it or not. She will not even let me wear them, or let alone touch them! I don't even know if she wears them! They are so perfect and pretty still, but luckily this look was going to be barefoot so she let me hold them just this time. Please check up on the blog daily because I will be posting more! And I know this is a huge favor to ask, but please tell all your best friends and sisters and cousins and aunts about this blog!  love having viewers!!!

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