Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Bershka SMILE Tee
Forever 21 Skirt
Miss. Grant Shoes
LuLu Guinness Clutch

SMILE! I thought this may be an appropriate time to post this look because it comes with a message. The other day on a "Dear Abby" column (Ya... I read Dear Abby) A girl wrote about the best advice she could have ever gotten, that actually came from the column years ago. She was a lonely, unsocial girl in her first year of high school. She had very little friends and was not really involved with anything. She read the "Dear Abby" column one day by chance and read a letter sent in by a girl who had the exact same problem as her. Abby gave her wonderful advice, but the best? To smile. Abby said that if you walk around the halls with a frown and a tired expression, people wont want to approach you. If you walk around with a smile people will know that they can talk to you. Of course, you shouldn't go around with a fake smile on your face, but a happy content smile that lets people know you are nice! The girl who read the letter sent in a letter a couple days ago, telling Abby how helpful her advice was. She started smiling, she made millions of new friends, she became student council president, and performed in all the school performances. She is now an actress (the letter was anonymous so i don't know who it was!) and has made bunches of new friends around the world. She sent in this letter asking Abby to repeat the same advice as she had to that girl years ago, so it could help other girls who felt left out. I have recently started smiling more often (like during passing) and lot's of people have actually talked to me! Just with a compliment on an outfit or a smile in return, but that is a big accomplishment. So I hope you all will take this advice and just SMILE!


  1. I love your blog! can you read mine?

  2. Thanks so much! I just love your blog!