Sunday, September 11, 2011


Stella McCartney Rust Colored Blouse
Stella McCartney Dark Green Tube Top
Urban Outfitters Tan Wooden Sandals
Lucky Brand Jeans Cut Into Shorts
Feather Earring by Recycled Designs

It's a Stella McCartney overload! My mom has recently handed me down a bunch of new clothes, and without knowing, they are all by Stella McCartney! That was a pretty exciting moment in my day. Plus I am finally wearing this feather earring my friends Kendal and Jordan gave to me! Their sister actually has a little jewelry line called "Recycled Designs" and she makes many earrings like this and more. I really really love the color of this blouse, because it is like a rust red color, but it has this green shadow mixed in, I love it! I have also taken a liking to my mom's Lucky Brand Shorts which I am trying to wear everyday until Fall comes! I actually am really excited for fall. I have a bunch of new clothes that I haven't even been able to wear yet because they are all fall colors. Also, I love the colors of fall, and my favorite Starbucks drink comes out! The  cream based Pumpkin Spice Frapucchino! Mmmmm... and Pumpkin scented candles too! I also really like Halloween! I don't even know why. I don't like any of the scary stuff, or the decorations (i'm deathly afraid of the Halloween store!). It might be the costumes, but there is just something else that I like about Halloween that I can't figure out. 

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